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Ten studies have been conducted on marketing safe water to BOP customer, including three studies on WATASOL in Nepal, one marketing study in India, one in Cambodia and two in Guinea


A marketing study in Nepal for a pilot project with ECCA, a Nepalese NGO.

Lilian Lehman examines the Antenna Technologies Geneva WATASOL approach to safe water through chlorination, and reviews its strategy based on pilots begun in Nepal.


Community perceptions of chlorination and other water-purification methods in Nepal.

Emmanuelle Ravat-Francoise presents the marketing challenges of WATASOL, a chlorination solution designed to purify water at the household level.


Sustainability of Safe Water Supply Chains for the Base of the Pyramid in Nepal

Raphael Graser analyzes ECCA’s potential for scaling its WATASOL production and sales and makes recommendations to develop a future strategy to reach Nepal’s BoP by pursuing a market-based development approach.


Marketing safe water to the base of the pyramid – lessons for scaling up a social enterprise in Guinea

Alain Bühlmann addresses the question of how locally successful projects can be scaled up in a financially sustainable way.


A study showing the potentials but also the limits of a business approach under extreme poverty and conflict-conditions in Guinea

Oezge Aydogan shows the obstacles and limitations of poverty alleviation through business promotion within the BOP.   

A study on social marketing, awareness creation for safe water and behaviour change in rural India

Amanda Amman shows how innovative strategies of marketing and social marketing activities must be linked and inter-twined. 

A study on the role of Carbon Finance and Social Marketing in the case of Hydrologic in Cambodia.

Deborah Buchor gives an overview of different financing sources focusing on Carbon Finance, and underlines strategies such as social marketing for long-term self-sustainability of businesses.


A study the Business Model of Hydrologic Social Enterprise in Cambodia

Soraya Kohler discusses potential scaling strategies for Hydrologic Social Enterprise.


A study on micro franchising for the last mile delivery in rural India.

Katherine Eve Platzer tests the potential of the micro franchise business model as a last mile distribution strategy for TARA, an Indian social enterprise


A study on effective and efficient distribution channels of safe drinking water.

Viola Zoller provides a deeper understanding of the diverse aspects of the drinking water situation in India and outlines various ways forward. It focuses on the social-business TARA (headquartered in India) and its product Aqua+ (a water purification liquid).