Sustainable approaches to combat malnutrition Print

In continuation of Urs Heierli's book "Sustainable approaches to combat malnutrition - small scale production and marketing of spirulina", several master thesis have been dedicated to refine the approach. The following two studies by Tobias Stahel and Selina Häny seek ways how to reach the BOP customers with an affordable and  healthy product in the form of spirulina candies and tablets. 

The production is now mastered with NGOs and Self-help groups and the marketing of spirulina products has started. One of the key  challenges is to create awareness among mothers and children to address micro-nutrient deficiencies in early childhood. These deficiencies  of vitamin A and basic minerals such as iron and zinc can lead to severe and irreversible damages


Sustainable Business Approaches to Comabt Malnutrition

In this study, Tobias Stahel compares the approaches of Danone-Grameen Bank with the popular yoghurt in Bangladesh and Antenna Foundation's Spirulina programme in Madurai. 


Spirulina Candies: A Business Approach to Combat Malnutrition

In this thesis, Selina Häny analyses the Spirulina Candy business model of Antenna Foundation by the value-based business model framework.